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Monday, December 30, 2013

In Memoriam – Good bye, 2013

At the end of any given calendar year, Western culture likes to take stock of who we lost during the year ending. I thought that I would do my own smaller version of this popular custom.

As some of you know, I follow a handful of cancer blogs (a handful meaning five). In 2013, three of those five bloggers died of their cancers. The following is a brief roll call:

Blog: My Lung Cancer Odyssey - /
Blogger: Patrick Leer


Originally blogged his experiences as a caregiver of his wife who suffers from M.S. before being diagnosed in December of 2011 with Stage I adenocarcinoma which turned to Stage IV in April of 2013. He died this past November. Patrick reached out to me when he was still Stage I and asked if he could list my blog on his blog. We corresponded every so often via email. He regularly commented to my blog posts with encouraging comments. He taught me how to do the same with others.

Blog: Eyes Peeled Always -
Blogger: Karin Diamond


Diagnosed in 2009 with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 26. She was an English & Journalism major so her blog is very well written. She has several publications to her credit including being a guest blogger for the Huffington Post. After spending years chasing various treatments, Karin died in September of this year.

Blog: Wisteria Melody -
Blogger: Caitlin Meharry


I found this blog purely by accident shortly after my diagnosis when I was looking for Christmas cookie recipes and decoration ideas. She was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus in January of 2011. After surgery to remove part of her esophagus & make the remainder functional, she was deemed cancer free. In August 2012, a regular scan revealed metastases to her lungs and lymph nodes. She eschewed more chemotherapy and died in March of this year at the age of 26. Caitlin was a Seventh Day Adventist and lived her faith in inspirational ways. It is her voice that I miss the most.

I face 2014 with no more treatment options available to me. I’ll be looking for trials and will hopefully be matched with one that uses immunology.

Whatever happens, I hope that, as with Patrick, Karin and Caitlin,  I can offer something good to others through my own blogging. God is with us.

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