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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Miracle of B-12

HubbyMan & I just got back from a camping/hiking trip in the UP of Michigan. For any of you who have ever been there know that the mosquitos are extremely large and extremely aggressive. We had heard that if you take B-12, it would make you less appealing to mosquitos. I had not tried it before because I get a vitamin B-12 shot every three chemo rounds and frankly, bugs don't seem to care for me as much as they do KB, but he was handing them out so I took them.
I don't know if it did anything to keep the mosquitos away but what it did was much, much greater. It freed me. From my nasty, chronically depressed state of mind. So much so that I realize that I hadn't even known what a heavy, depressive burden I had been living with.
Perhaps the people who read my blog had figured that out already(?)
Anyway, I won't say that it's turned me into a slap-happy/silly person, but it has definitely taken the dark edge off of my mood. I feel  solid and stable and...normal. I don't feel weighed down. I feel ... lighter. And it's a wonderful thing.
I haven't even asked my doctor about it because I just don't care. I haven't felt this mentally good in a long time and that's worth a lot to me.
So if you are suffering from the mental oppression that is cancer, consider taking vitamin B-12.
(I am not a doctor so, unlike me, you should probably ask your doctor about whether B-12 is a good option for you. I say this because I don't want to be sued. I've got enough on my plate without frivolous litgation. Seriously).


Oh cherry-flavored, sublingual, 500 mg B-12 tablets, I love you!


  1. That's great, Ruthie! I'm so glad that you feel better! (Although as a Northwoods of WI resident, I'm guessing that you feel buoyant because the HUGE mosquitoes lightened you up by a few pints. . . .) We take brewers yeast during bug season because my Mom read (in Dr. Gott's column) that it makes people less tasty. I'm not sure it helps since I always think that the situation could be worse.


    1. Ha! That's a hilarious explanation. The mosquitoes are definitely vampire-ish in your neck of the woods.

  2. This post is really appreciable. My father was diagnosed with a severe vitamin b12 deficiency and hence advised to take Vitamin b 12 sublingual once in a week.