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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sometimes, People with Cancer are Douchebags

In my investigative reading about terminally ill people with cancer, there seems to be a fairy-tale type of quality given to those who have life-threatening illnesses. They can be considered calmer, more serene, and even wiser. People don't seem to write about the people with cancer or other potentially terminal illness who are major douche bags.

I loved Lance Armstrong. There was rarely a bicycle race that he was in that I didn't watch, glued to the TV wondering how in the world such a good-looking person, who had battled and presumably beaten stage IV testicular cancer could ride so fast and climb those mountains so nimbly - he was super-human.


He was doping. And running a doping ring. Shee-it.

My point is that it isn't healthy for people to see people with cancer as exceptional because, #1 they're not, they just have cancer and #2, if they think of people with cancer as exceptional, then they are blinded to any possible douchebaggery that they might engage in and that others could get hurt by.

People with cancer are just people with cancer.

And Lance Armstrong is just a douchebag.

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  1. With all due respect I have long held it against him that legions of people who should not be wearing spandex suddenly felt a need to dress in hideously colored spandex, jump on bikes and create driving obstacles during the weeks surrounding Tour de France.