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Friday, March 16, 2012

Podcasts & Vacations

I decided to take a break from my snarky self so me & hubby dropped the dog with grandma in Indiana and flew to Florida to see my parents. The weather was perfect and I think we all enjoyed each other's company very much. We just returned and I'm still feeling relaxed and content. A far cry from the fury of the last couple of weeks.

While I was gone, the podcast that I recorded with my oncologist went 'live'. If you're interested, you can find it by clicking here:

The site itself is a collection of information and podcasts about many different types of cancer. My podcast has some interesting information about lung cancer subgroups (people whose lung cancer is propelled by genetic disturbances) and targeted therapy. You also get to hear me talk a little bit. I'm not sure how interesting THAT is, but I have been told that I sound smart, so there you go.

At my last doctor's appointment, I spoke with my onc about the podcast and about some of the research that I'm planning on planning (no problem with procrastination here) and she gave me an article out of the Journal of Oncology and told me about an oncology conference that will be coming to Chicago in June and wondered if perhaps I might be interested if any topics surfaced that were up my research alley. I enthusiastically said yes and she said she would watch for the itinerary as the date approached and let me know.

This is exciting to me. Not only does it open doors for academic networks and interdisciplinary interaction, but my relationship with my oncologist is turning in a direction that I really like. Now, I supposed I understand that it's important to maintain certain boundaries, but it's nice to be able to talk to her about cancer-related topics that aren't necessarily tied to me and my treatment. I think that when you are trusting someone with your treatment and your life, you want to be something more than just another patient. You want to see them as a person and you want them to see you as a person - with thoughts and ideas and contributions to make - to matter to one another (to quote an earlier post).

It is completely and utterly cool.


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